You can find on this page the Toronto Bus Tour map to print and to download in PDF. The Toronto sightseeing bus map presents the tourist buses "Hop On Hop Off" and "Big Bus" of Toronto in Canada.

Toronto Hop On Hop Off map

Map of Toronto Hop On Hop Off

The Hop On Hop Off Toronto map shows all routes of the tourist bus of Toronto. This map of Toronto Hop On Hop Off will allow you to visit the most emblematic monuments of Toronto in Canada. The map of Toronto Hop On Hop Off is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Multicultural and diverse, Toronto prides itself on its unique neighbourhoods. Each neighbourhood offers something different, from the bohemian Kensington Market, to the affluent, high-fashion area of Yorkville as its mentioned in Toronto Hop On Hop Off map. Hop on hop off board one of our open top buses now as we take you to 20 magnificent stops.

Two main companies offer Hop On Hop Off double-decker bus tours around Toronto. City Sightseeing Toronto lets you choose from over 24 official stops and the ticket is valid for up to 7 days (as well as Niagara as you can see in Toronto Hop On Hop Off map). Gray Line Toronto also offers excursions to Niagara and Ottawa in addition to tours of Toronto.

Discover Toronto. Hop On Hop Off our historical double-decker buses and discover the real Toronto. Visit the best sites, attractions, shopping and events Toronto has to offer as its shown in Toronto Hop On Hop Off map. Our professional drivers and informative tour guides will deliver a memorable tour of Toronto.